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Investor Relations

Investment Products

Investment funds are products in which your savings are evaluated in various investment instruments such as repo, bonds and stocks and are managed by professional fund managers according to a certain investment strategy.

It is enough to have an account in our bank to buy and sell Investment Funds.

Advantages of Investment Funds

  • Professional Management: Investment funds are managed by professional managers who continuously monitor the markets with the principle that risk is minimum and return is maximum. Rights of priority, dividend and prompt of investment instruments are monitored by professional managers.
  • Risk Distribution: Investment Funds consist of various investment instruments such as treasury bonds, government bonds, stock and repo. Therefore, the investor is protected from the risk of one investment instrument.
  • Diversity: Account owners can invest in different funds composed of various compositions according to their investment preferences and risk profile.
  • Easy Liquidation: Investment Funds can be easily liquidated easily and rapidly along with its processed return.
  • Large Scale Investment Advantage: With Investment Funds, you have the opportunity to evaluate your money according to large scale investor profile. Thus, small scale investors have the investment advantage of large scale investors.
  • Time Saving: Investors of investing funds save time and money by leaving the management of their portfolio to professional managers. Large scale buying and selling in the portfolio also save time.