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Products And Services

Project / Investment Loans

BankPozitif evaluates feasibility reports of projects mainly prepared in focused sectors with its specialized teams. BankPozitif provides services to develop appropriate financial and equity structure with scenario analysis.

In the project financing, our first principle is to pay back the credits’ interest and principal by the cash flow of the project.

TL and F/X Indexed (Spot or Revolving) Loans

BankPozitif provides spot and revolving cash loans to its clients for financing short term Turkish Lira needs occurred from their operations.

Letters of Guarantees

BankPozitif issues all type of letter of guarantees which are asked from its clients relating to their operations by domestic/foreign private/public institutions.

Letter of Credits

BankPozitif provides sight/deferred letter of credits and avalization of bill of exchanges to its clients with the connection of widespread correspondent bank network.

E.C.A. Transactions

BankPozitif provides long term and low margined E.C.A. to finance machinery and equipment requirements which occur in development projects in focused sectors

  • Hermes (Germany)
  • Coface (France)
  • US Exim (USA)
  • Sace (Italy)
  • Ashra (Israel)
  • Canada Exim
  • EKF (Denmark)
  • Finnvera (Finland)
  • Keximbank (South Korea)
Export Loans

BankPozitif provides cash loans to finance export activities of its clients.

Eximbank Loans

BankPozitif provides Turk Eximbank A.Ş.'s loan facilities to its clients.

Hedging Products

BankPozitif provides hedging products which are determined with the analysis to its clients to prevent losses which can occur from parity and interest fluctuations in the future.

  • Interest Rate Hedging
  • Swap libor indexed rates to fixed rates
  • Exchange Rate and Parity Hedging
  • Forward
  • Options
Insurance Services

BankPozitif analysis risks which can effect its clients' operations and provides services to develop insurance solutions which are appropriate with the company and risk.