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Loans provided from vendors abroad or international markets to be used in the financing of the import and utilized through the bank. Financing method that allows the payment of the letter of guarantee amount to the exporter firm under the sight import L/C issued by our Bank with the capacity of issuing bank in a certain maturity or that allows the payment of the letter of guarantee amount to the importer firm under the deferred L/C in an additional term. For import letters of credit to be paid under postfinancing loan, transfer notice form is issued after the amount of the goods is paid to the exporter firm by the creditor bank.

Thus, the importer firm will utilize low-cost loan from abroad under the guarantee of its own bank in such transactions.
Loans that are provided abroad and brought to country under the export incentives regulation by the firms in order to be used for financing of goods and service purchases related to export, sales and deliveries considered export and foreign exchange earning activities and utilized through the banks in Turkey (with or without warranty).
Eximbank Loans
Loans utilized from Türkiye İhracat Bankası A.Ş. (Eximbank) resources to exporter firms or the ones that produce export-oriented products with the purpose of developing the export. Participation is made by intermediating for the related loans and issuing letter of guarantees or to constitute the collateral for the loans which Türkiye İhracat Kredi Bankası (Eximbank) provides directly or by avalizing the bills.
Country Loans
Mid-term or long-term financing facilities are provided to our customers that import investment product from abroad under the Insurance of Export Loan Guarantee Institutions defined below from our correspondant banks.