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Revolving (Bank Overdraft) Loan
Loans with variable interest rate and which does not have a maturity date and interest payments are made in periodical basis (March, June, September, December quarter ends) and is utilized for short-term operating capital purposes. The interest rate varies according to market conditions.
Spot Loan
Loans which interest rate is determined and fixed at the usage date and does not change during the span of the loan and the interest amount to be paid in the maturity is known at the usage date. At the maturity date, the principal is repaid at one time along with the interest amount.
Instalment Commercial Loan
Type of loan which the payments are determined to be in equal instalments or a customer-tailored payment plan with flexible payment opportunities in accordance with our customers’ cash flow. The interest rate may be fixed or variable.
Foreign Exchange Indexed Loan
Loans which are not subject to an foreign exchange income commitment and are borrowed foreign exchange indexed and utilized as Turkish Lira and is paid as TL or foreign exchange at the repayment dates on the Bank’s foreign exchange buying rates. For foreign exchange indexed Loans, aside from the BITT to be paid on the interest amount, the BITT arising from the exchange rate difference is paid as well. It is possible to utilize the loan as spot and revolving.
Export Loan
Loans with export commitment that are utilised for the financing of exports or sales and deliveries considered export as TL or foreign exchange. Can be utilized as spot, revolving or instalment.
Domestic Foreign Exchange Loan
Loans that can be utilized without being an exporter or without incentive certificate with a maturity of more than 1 year and at least 5 million USD (or equivalent). There is no maturity and amount limitation.
Project Financing / Investment Loans
BankPozitif evaluates the feasibilities of your projects with its specialized teams, especially in its target sectors. Makes scenario analysis, serves its customers to ensure that they establish the right capital and financing structure. In project financing, our principal is that the cash flow which the project will generate to be able to pay the loan capital and interest.